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Virtual BioSeparation Forum  

Based on the track record of the BioSeparation Forum events we created a virtual event packed with inspiring presentations, scientific updates and opportunities to connect with your peers. The virtual BioSeparation Forum series presents talks on the use of bio-chromatography for manufacturing and analysis of specific target molecules.

The next virtual BioSeparation Forum on June 17, 2021 will focus on new antibody modalities. The seminar will address challenges related to the manufacturing and characterization of mAb fragments and other therapeutic antibodies.

New Antibody Modalities – Manufacturing & Analysis

June 17, 2021, 14:00-16:30 CET


    • Case Study on Evaluation of Purification Strategies
    • mAb Fragments - Upstream Processing Challenges
    • mAb Fragments - Downstream Processing Challenges
    • Analytical Solutions for the Characterization of mAb Fragments

The event will conclude with a joint Q & A session with the presenters.

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