Virtual PolyAnalysis Forum

Virtual PolyAnalysis Forum  

Based on the success of the virtual BioSeparation Forum we created a similar virtual event on polymer analysis. The PolyAnalysis Forum Series presents talks on the use of gel permeation chromatography and light scattering detection for the analysis of various types of polymers. The first event of this series will focus on polymers used in biomedical and life science applications.

PolyAnalysis Forum

PolyAnalysis Forum - Polymers meet Bioscience, 20.5.2021, 14:00-16:00 CET


New polymers for biomedical applications
(Julien Nicolas, Université Paris-Saclay)

Polymers are attractive materials for biomedical applications owing to their ease of synthesis and their broad diversity in terms of architectures, compositions and functionalities. In this presentation we will present the design, the synthesis and the evaluation of different classes of new vinyl polymers for biomedical applications such as:
(i) polymer-protein bioconjugates; (ii) targeted polymer nanoparticles and (iii) polymer prodrug nanocarriers.

Latest GPC Methods for Life Science Product Development
(Eric Landry, PolyAnalytik Inc.)

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is a powerful technique for characterizing synthetic and biopolymers, with numerous applications in the life sciences. Recent developments in medical device technologies have relied on polymers to play a central role in device function, requiring the parallel development of advanced methods for polymer characterization. Newly developed GPC methods enable complex biological mixtures to be evaluated with high sensitivity, so that processes such as polymer degradation and drug delivery can now be monitored at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods for regulatory approval. In this talk, several case studies will be presented which highlight recent advances in GPC, with a focus on the development of new methodologies for life science applications.

Innovative light scattering approach for improved polymer characterization
(Sébastien Rouzeau, Tosoh Bioscience)

Although GPC/SEC-MALS is now widely used to obtain molecular weight distribution and size of macromolecules, the characterization of today’s polymers is facing the limitations of traditional light scattering instrumentation. An innovative MALS detector design will be presented, with technical and application data showing how to get a deeper insight into polymer attributes.

Joint Q & A Session with all presenters

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