Webinar Series - Tosoh Tuesday

Webinar Series - Tosoh Tuesday 

Christian Rohrer, Director Sales and Marketing at Tosoh Bioscience GmbH, will present the next edition of Tosoh Tuesday, a webinar series held by Chromatography Experts.

Tosoh-Tuesday May 2024 - mab capture

On Tuesday, May 21, Dr. Carsten Arlt, Application Scientist at Tosoh Bioscience and Patrick Endres, Manager - Product Management EMEA, will explain the advantages of a novel Protein A chromatography resin for the purification of antibodies in batch and continuous applications.
The experts will give an overview of the requirements and advancements in Protein A chromatography, show how a mAb purification process can be transferred from batch to continuous chromatography and what advantages this offers.

After the webinar, ask your questions during the live Q&A session.

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