TOYOPEARL SuperButyl-550C

TOYOPEARL SuperButyl-550C

TOYOPEARL SuperButyl-550C is based on a 50 nm (500 Å) pore size polymethacrylate base material bonded with C4 groups. It has the second highest hydrophobicity of the TOYOPEARL HIC resins. Its pore size is the smallest of our three butyl resins.

Primary applications are for the separation of smaller proteins. Depending on the feedstock's molecular size profile, it is also useful in negative or flow through chromatography. It can be used for capture and intermediate purification process steps.


Structure of TOYOPEARL SuperButyl-550C  



Product attributes

Pore size (mean): 50 nm
Particle size (mean): 100 µm (C-grade)
Pressure rating: 0.3 Mpa
Shipping buffer: 20% ethanol
pH stability: >1-13
Shelf life: 10 years (estimated)

Typical dynamic binding capacities for humanized mAb

                                                Binding capacitiy (mg/mL - gel)
                                                (10% breakthrough)
Phenyl-650M                                           35.2
Butyl-650M                                             42.1
PPG-600M                                              44.8
Butyl-600M                                             48.5 

Selectivity of TOYOPEARL HIC resins

Samples: 1. Ribonuclease A, 2. Lysozyme, 3. α- Chymotrypsinogen


Ordering Information

P/N Description Dimension
0019955 TOYOPEARL SuperButyl-550C 25 mL
0019956 TOYOPEARL SuperButyl-550C 100 mL
0019957 TOYOPEARL SuperButyl-550C 1 L
0019958 TOYOPEARL SuperButyl-550C 5 L
0021382 ToyoScreen SuperButyl-550C 6 x 1 mL
0021383 ToyoScreen SuperButyl-550C 6 x 5 mL