Chromatography Hardware

VERDOT chromatography hardware


VERDOT Ips2 SAS and Tosoh Bioscience engaged in joint-marketing activities in the Americas and Europe. Combining best-in-class chromatography resins from Tosoh Bioscience and leading-edge chromatography column hardware and purification skids from VERDOT® provides an unmatched technology platform for efficient purification of biomolecules in downstream bioprocessing.

VERDOT®’s InPlaceTM chromatography columns are designed for pilot & process scale applications. They allow contained filling, packing, unpacking, and cleaning in place. The InPlaceTM columns have a sanitary design, variable height adaptor, piston motor, inflatable seal, and special low-shear valves for safe slurry transfer. The piston motors enable high-quality, reproducible packing by axial compression. Specially designed inlet valves minimize mechanical stress on chromatography media during loading and unloading.

InPlaceTM is the perfect hardware solution for effortless and reproduceable packing of Ca++Pure-HA®.


You can also decide for the all-in-one solution, allowing not only chromatography purification but also fully automated packing, cleaning and unpacking, all controlled from a single interface and embedded in minimal space.

Send your inquiry today, VERDOT®’s team will be pleased to help you pick up the best configuration for your needs.