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News 2016

TOYOPEARL Production increase

- Tokyo, Japan—Tosoh Corporation has announced that it will be increasing the production capacity of its TOYOPEARL liquid chromatography separation and purification media at its Nanyo Complex, in Shunan, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The nearly 50% production ...

Welcome to our autumn issue of the Tosoh Customer Magazine

- Welcome to the autumn 2016 issue of the Tosoh Bioscience customer magazine. We are presenting our new TSKgel Protein A column for IgG titer analysis and a new salt tolerant cation exchange resin – TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F. The application presented i...

TSKgel Protein A-5PW for Fast Antibody Titer Analysis

- TSKgel Protein A-5PW is an affinity HPLC column specifically designed for fast and accurate determination of antibody concentrations during cell line selection or upstream bioprocess optimization and control. The stationary phase uses the same ligand...

Welcome to our spring issue of the customer magazine!

- Welcome to the spring 2016 issue of the Tosoh Bioscience customer magazine featuring applications on Protein A media, offering new options for sanitization, and high temperature gel permeation chromatography. Enjoy reading and stay informed »