HPLC and UHPLC Columns

HPLC and UHPLC columns

What’s in our names?

Tosoh Bioscience has the most comprehensive selection of process media resins, with a variety of pore and particle size combinations for several modes of chromatography. Here’s how you can identify the right column for your analysis:


1. Stationary Phases

Tosoh Bioscience basically uses two base materials for the (U)HPLC
columns: silica and polymer. Abbreviations used for the base matrix are SW for silica and PW for polymer. Stationary phases used with organic mobile phases for Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) consist of a styrene-divenylbenzene polymer and typically carry an ‘H’ in their names.

2. (U)HPLC Stationary Phase Ligands

TSKgel ligands
Mode Ligand
HILIC Amide, NH2
Anion Exchange Q, DEAE
Cation Exchange CM, SP
HIC Ether, Phenyl, Butyl
Reversed Phase CN, C1, C4, Phenyl, C8, C18
Affinity Fc gamma IIIa receptor, Protein A, Boronate, Chelate, Tresyl

3. Pore Size of SW-Series Columns

Grade Pore size SW Series (nm)
G2000, SuperSW2000 12,5
G3000, SuperSW3000, SuperSW mAb 25
UltraSW Aggregate 30
G4000 45

4. Additional Abbreviations

We use the following abbreviations to highlight their features:
NPR non-porous
HTP High Throughput 
HR High Resolution
AF Affinity
RP Reversed Phase