European CLP Regulation

The European CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) Regulation and its Effect on TOSOH products

The labels of some of our products will change due to the implementation of the CLP Regulation which defines the classification, labelling, and packaging of hazardous goods.

The dangerous goods symbols with their respective hazard information, which were valid in the European Union in the past, will be replaced with GHS hazard pictograms and a common signal word (“Danger” or “Warning”). Existing R-statements will be replaced by H-statements (Hazard Statements) and additional EUH-statements (Exceptional dangers). Existing S-statements will be replaced by P-statements (Precautionary Statements).

Hazard pictograms will change according to GHS (white diamond shaped symbols with red border instead of the well-known orange square symbols). Signal words and hazard statements will be mentioned in local languages.

Although most classification criteria remained unchanged, products which are considered as flammable but did not require hazard labels in the past (flammable group 3) now require labelling. Flammable group 3 includes substances or mixtures with a flame point between 23°C and 60°C (e.g. mixtures containing 10% Ethanol with a flame point of 49°C) which applies to most TOYOPEARL products.

The new labelling for mixtures came into effect as of June 1st 2015. 

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We would like to supply some additional background information on the EU CLP-Regulation:

The CLP Regulation is a European Union regulation which aligns the European Union system of classification, labelling and packaging chemical substances and mixtures to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). It is expected to facilitate global trade and the harmonized communication of hazard information of chemicals and to promote regulatory efficiency. It complements the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation (EC No 1907/2006) and replaces the current system contained in the Dangerous Substances Directive (67/548/EEC) and the Dangerous Preparations Directive (1999/45/EC).

The regulation incorporates the classification criteria and labelling rules agreed at UN level, the so-called Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). It introduces new classification criteria, hazard symbols (pictograms) and Risk and Safety Statements for labelling of substances and mixtures, while taking account of elements which are part of the current EU legislation.

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