TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650 is a high capacity, high resolution anion exchange resin optimized for the capture and purification of both small and large proteins, including oligonucleotides and monoclonal antibodies. It has excellent binding and elution kinetics, which results in a more concentrated protein fraction collected during the elution step.

TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650 is composed of polymethacrylate beads that have been chemically modified to provide a higher number of anionic binding sites and functionalized with quaternary amine (Q) strong anion exchange groups. It can be used for high throughput capture, intermediate purification, and polishing process steps. The resin is available in two particle sizes: 75 µm (M-grade) and 35 µm (S-grade).

TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650M exhibits typical dynamic binding capacities of about 175 g/L for BSA and 49 g/L for thyroglobulin, maintains high capacity at increased linear velocities and has good pressure-flow characteristics.

TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650S has dynamic binding capacities approaching 190 g/L for bovine serum albumin. This high capacity, combined with the 35 µm mean particle size, makes TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650S ideal for high resolution applications such as oligonucleotide purification. This resin is also available in pre-packed SkillPak columns to simplify your process development and scale up.

Structure of TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650


Product attributes

Pore size (mean): < 100 nm
Particle size (mean): 75 µm (M-grade)
35 µm (M-grade)
Shipping buffer: 20% ethanol
pH stability: 3-13
Stability data: 10 years (estimated)

TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650M vs. Competitor Q elution pool volume comparison

Column size:      6 mm ID x 40 mm L
Sample:              polyclonal human IgG (1 mg/mL)
Loading buffer: 15 mmol/LTris-HCl (pH= 8.7)
Elution buffer:   15 mmol/L Tris-HCl (pH= 8.7) + 1.0 mol/L NaCl
Linear velocity:  212 cm/h
Detection:           UV @ 280 nm

Dynamic binding capacity of proteins with different molar masses @ 212 cm/hr


Oligonucleotide purification with TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650S

Resin:              TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650S
Column size:   6.6 mm ID × 18.5 cm (6.3 mL)
Mobile phase: Buffer A: 20 mmol/L NaOH
                         Buffer B: 20 mmol/L NaOH, 3.0 mol/L NaCl
Gradient:         50% B (2 CV)
                         50-100% B (15 CV)
                         100% B (2 CV)
Flow rate:        200 cm/hr (1.14 mL/min)
Detection:       UV @ 254 nm
Sample:           crude phosphorothioate deoxyoligonucleotide
Sample load:  1.0 mg


Ordering Information

P/N Description Dimension
0022881 TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650S 25 mL
0022882 TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650S 250 mL
0022883 TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650S 1 L
0022884 TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650S 5 L
0022885 TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650S 50 L
0021854 TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650M 100 mL
0021855 TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650M 250 mL
0021856 TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650M 1 L
0021857 TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650M 5 L
0045203 SkillPak 1 GigaCap Q-650M 5 x 1 mL col. 7 mm ID x 2.5 cm L
0045239 SkillPak 5 GigaCap Q-650M 5 mL col. 8 mm ID x 10 cm L
0045306 SkillPak 50 GigaCap Q-650M 50 mL col.
0045307 SkillPak 200 GigaCap Q-650M 200 mL col. 5 cm ID x 10 cm L
0045228 SkillPak Antibody 1 mL col. Library
(AF-rProtein A HC-650F, AF-rProtein L-650F, NH2-750F,
Sulfate-650F, GigaCap Q-650M, GigaCap S-650S 1 mL x 1 ea)
7 mm ID x 2.5 cm L
0045226 SkillPak AIEX 1 mL col. library
(GigaCap Q-650M, GigaCap DEAE-650M, NH2-750F 1mL x 2 ea)
7 mm ID x 2.5 cm L