TOYOPEARL QAE-550C is a strong anion exchange resin for biomolecule purification.The resin is composed of a base material of hydroxylated methacrylic polymer beads that have been functionalized with quaternary amino ethyl (QAE) strong anion exchange groups. TOYOPEARL QAE-550C has high chemical and mechanical stability, allowing cleaning-in-place (CIP) and very high flow rates.

TOYOPEARL QAE-550C can be used for the high throughput capture of proteins up to 100 kDa. It is used in several large scale industrial purification platforms for various target molecules such as recombinant proteins and blood factors. TOYOPEARL QAE-550C is available in 100 µm (C-grade) particle size. This resin is also available in pre-packed SkillPak columns to simplify your process development and scale up.


Structure of TOYOPEARL QAE-550C 



Product attributes

Pore size (mean): < 50 nm
Particle size (mean): 100 µm (C-grade)
Shipping buffer: 20% ethanol
pH stability: 2-13
Stability data: 10 years (estimated)

Ordering Information

P/N Description Dimension
0043271 TOYOPEARL QAE-550C 100 mL
0014026 TOYOPEARL QAE-550C 250 mL
0014704 TOYOPEARL QAE-550C 1 L
0014027 TOYOPEARL QAE-550C 5 L
0045212 SkillPak 1 QAE-550C 5 x 1 mL col. 7 mm ID x 2.5 cm L
0045248 SkillPak 5 QAE-550C 5 mL col. 8 mm ID x 10 cm L
0045312 SkillPak 50 QAE-550C 50 mL col. 2.5 cm ID x 10 cm L
0045313 SkillPak 200 QAE-550C 200 mL col. 5 cm ID x 10 cm L