ProComposer Method Wizard

ProComposer Method Wizard

The ProComposer™ Method Wizard simplifies conversion of batch methods to multicolumn continuous chromatography (MCC) methods. This tool converts the parameters for a batch capture method, e.g.

Protein A affinity or other bind-elute chemistry, into an MCC method that uses identical chemistry and protocol steps. The Wizard saves methods in a format that can be directly opened in the Tosoh ProComposer Method Creator, where they can be saved and run on Tosoh’s MCC Systems. As an added feature, batch methods can also be saved directly in ProComposer format for running in single column mode on Tosoh’s Systems.


The Wizard is very easy to use. Simply enter the known parameters and protocol steps for your batch process, select the column size, number of columns in the loading zone and desired feed loading ratio for the MCC process, and the Wizard recommends the number of columns for MCC and compares the critical parameters of both processes.

Adjust column size, resin capacity, residence time, and maximum allowable flow velocity to optimize productivity, buffer usage, and/or process time.

Wizard MCC Settings

Click on Save Method to generate a file that can be opened in ProComposer, edited further and saved for running on the Octave BIO System.

Wizard Process Summary

Advanced features include dynamic binding capacity determination from breakthrough data and assignment of UV, conductivity, and pH sensors to specific outlets in the converted ProComposer file.

Wizard Binding Capacity Estimation

Wizard Advanced Settings.jpg

The ProComposer Method Wizard runs on any Windows 10 computer running Microsoft® Excel® version 2010 or later.