Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

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June 24-26

Booth no. 3

Presentation by Patrick Endres

Therapeutic Oligonucleotides & Chromatography – What's New

Poster Presentation by Elena Kumm

Purification of a 100 Nucleotide ssDNA Oligomer using Anion Exchange Chromatography

Milan, Italy
June 25-26 Polymer Analysis GPC Separation and Detection: Theory & Practice,  english language course » Griesheim, Germany
June 25-27 Size exclusion and native HPLC for Bioanalysis, Theory & Practice, english language course » Griesheim, Germany
July 1-4 50th IUPAC MACRO » Warwick, UK
September 1-5 15th International Symposium on Ionic Polymerization (IP'24) » Mainz, Germany
September 9-10 BioTalk » Berlin, Germany
September 15-18 Biopartitioning and Purification Conference - BPP 2024 »

Presentation by Elena Kumm

Enhancing Sustainability in Bioproduction Through Advances in DSP Technology

Presentation by Carsten-Rene Arlt

Implementation of Multicolumn Chromatography for Continuous Processes to Lower Ecological Footprint
October 15-18 SPICA » Milan, Italy
November 7 IUTA Analytiktag 2024 Duisburg, Germany
November 12-14 TIDES Hamburg, Germany



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